Zaban Sambhal Ke



U/A 13+

What happens when a Hindi-learning class is filled with people of different nationalities and ethnicities? All attempts at regular conversation result in a rib-tickling mix of dialogue, pieced together from a variety of very different languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Arabic, Punjabi, Mizo, and French! Laugh along with the most diverse group of students ever assembled, as they struggle through a hilarious learning experience.


Sumeet Raghavan, Shoma Anand, Tarranum Khan, Bakhtyar Irani, Ashwin Mushran, Rupali Bhosle, Pipa Hughes, Mishka Sharma, Hemant Kumar, Bhawsheel Singh, Jimmy Moses, Meenakshi Chand, Nyra Bannerjee, Rakesh Shrivastav


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