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U/A 13+

A young woman is coerced by her mother into marrying a widower with a 5 year-old child. But, much to her mother's dislike, she is pregnant with her lover's child. Can she stand up for her love and fight her own? This is the journey of a strong-willed woman who makes her own rules and stands by them, come what may.


Manishajith, Veera, Gaurav Gupta


Pavi to handle the situation!

S1E1 ∙ Drama ∙ Tamil

Varun-Pavithra in trouble!

S1E2 ∙ Drama ∙ Tamil

Pavithra gets impatient!

S1E3 ∙ Drama ∙ Tamil

Veeralakshmi reveals her decision!

S1E4 ∙ Drama ∙ Tamil