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Tin Shaktir Aadhar-Trishul



U/A 13+

Three sisters Tara, Durga and Kali live a poor but peaceful life until they meet Rajnandini, a fashion magnate. The story charts the sisters' brave fight to avenge the humiliation faced by their family and their rise through the ranks in the fashion world to challenge the powerful Rajnandini. Watch their story unfold in Tin Shaktir Aadhar-Trishul!


Tumpa Ghosh, Monalisa Das


Winner Rajnandini Sen

S1E314 ∙ Drama ∙ Bengali

Rajanandini can know the truth

S1E313 ∙ Drama ∙ Bengali

Durga saved Rajanandi's life

S1E312 ∙ Drama ∙ Bengali

Rathayatra incident

S1E311 ∙ Drama ∙ Bengali