Sindhutai Maazi Maai



U/A 7+

'This inspirational saga will touch hearts and motivate everyone to fight against all odds and emerge triumphant. Watch the real-life story of Padmshri Sindhutai Sapkal and her works in this three-chapter series. Finding love neither in her mother nor her husband, she braved all odds and channelled her suffering to become a mother and protector to thousands of orphaned children.


Kiran Mane, Ananya Tekvade, Yogini Chouk


Damdaji smells something fishy!

S1E106 ∙ Biopic ∙ Marathi

Sindhu accepts the challenge

S1E105 ∙ Biopic ∙ Marathi

Damdaji challenges Sindhu

S1E104 ∙ Biopic ∙ Marathi

Sindhu tricks Damdaji

S1E103 ∙ Biopic ∙ Marathi