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Rasoi Show


Cookery Show

U/A 7+

This hugely popular cookery show allows viewers to feast on the yummiest dishes, but with a twist. Celebrities or volunteers come on the show as guests and whip up healthier, tastier and cheaper versions of popular vegetarian dishes from across the world.


Sumira Shah, Surbhi Vasa, Jamila Vora, Sejal Bhlavat, Rashmi Luhar, Aanal Kotak


Masala tea and Pakoda

S1E6473 ∙ Cookery Show ∙ Gujarati

Amritsari chole and Kulcha

S1E6472 ∙ Cookery Show ∙ Gujarati

Fried rice and Tari samosa

S1E6471 ∙ Cookery Show ∙ Gujarati

Dapka Kadhi and Sing karela nu shak

S1E6470 ∙ Cookery Show ∙ Gujarati