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U/A 13+

Ramachari who hails from a family of priests is embroiled in a clash with Charuatha, from the prestigious Manyata Builders. With her ego hurt she decides to avenge the insult by ruining his peace of mind and decides to use love as a tool to win him over. Ramachari is the story of their entangled lives, watch their story unfold.


Rithvik Krupakar, Mouna Guddemane


Ramachari plots to protect family

S1E602 ∙ Romance ∙ Kannada

Kitty tries to protect his family from all odds

S1E601 ∙ Romance ∙ Kannada

Charu proposes Deepa and Kittys marriage

S1E600 ∙ Romance ∙ Kannada

Ramachari's family reaches Ramanathpura

S1E599 ∙ Romance ∙ Kannada