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Pirticha Vanva Uri Petla



U/A 13+

Saavi and her Uncle Deepu pull off many petty thefts in Maharashtra. She plans to con the Kavthekars, a wealthy family, by marrying their son - Indrajeet. But soon while fooling Indrajeet, Saavi falls in love with him. Now will she trick the man she cares for? Watch this tale is of trust and deceit play out now!


Indraneil Kamat, Rasika Wakharkar, Vinod Lavekar, Harish Mansingh Shirke, Nikhil Sheth


Will Saavi convince Bhaskar?

S1E461 ∙ Family Drama ∙ Marathi

Unveiling Arjun's past actions

S1E460 ∙ Family Drama ∙ Marathi

Saavi cautions Nanda

S1E459 ∙ Family Drama ∙ Marathi

Nanda manipulates Sharada

S1E458 ∙ Family Drama ∙ Marathi