Pakdam Pakdai




True to its name, the series is a constant chase between Doggy Don, a friendly, slightly dumb dog and the 3 mice that live in his house. Doggy Don is aided in his attempts to defeat the mice by his older brother Colonel, an ex-army dog, who is smarter than Doggy Don, but not as smart as the 3 mice. The show is a constant dog and mouse chase and the havoc that ensues when Doggy Don and Colonel try and fight them and win back their territory.


Formula None

S12E1 ∙ Humor ∙ Hindi

Planet ki chori

S12E2 ∙ Humor ∙ Hindi

Construction under water

S12E3 ∙ Humor ∙ Hindi

Shiny disco ghosts

S12E4 ∙ Humor ∙ Hindi