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Manglur Hudgi Hubli Hudga



U/A 13+

Mangaluru Hudgi Hubli Hudga is the story of modern day lovers, but with a funny twist! This intense love story is set against the backdrop of native identities clashing against each other. What happens when two families, one from Mangaluru and the other from Hubli, are forced to share the same house? While love starts to blossom between Aniruddha and Amulya, the animosity between their families only grows with each passing day.


Radhika Rao


Debt collectors demand their money!

S1E1 ∙ Comedy ∙ Kannada

Aniruddha vows to pay his father's debts

S1E2 ∙ Comedy ∙ Kannada

Aniruddha and Amulya tussle

S1E3 ∙ Comedy ∙ Kannada

Sadananda Kudla gets humiliated

S1E4 ∙ Comedy ∙ Kannada