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Mangal Lakshmi



U/A 13+

Mangal Lakshmi is a heartwarming tale that centers around the bond between two sisters, Mangal and Lakshmi. As Mangal navigates through life's experiences, she embarks on a journey to find the perfect dulha for her beloved sister, Lakshmi. Through love, trials, and determination, Mangal's quest unfolds, showcasing the enduring strength of sisterhood and the power of destiny in bringing two souls together.


Deepika Singh, Shubham Dipta, Naman Shaw, Vipul Tyagi, Upadhyay Urvashi


Kartik urges Kusum

S1E52 ∙ Drama ∙ Hindi

Jiya's astonishing decision

S1E51 ∙ Drama ∙ Hindi

Mangal faces Kusum's wrath

S1E50 ∙ Drama ∙ Hindi

Kusum puts forth a condition

S1E49 ∙ Drama ∙ Hindi