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Luva Kusha



U/A 13+

The victorious Lord Rama and Sita are back in Ayodhya, but little does Sita know that her homecoming is short-lived. A vile accusation forces a pregnant Sita to leave her home, her husband and Ayodhya forever. Giving birth to the sons of Rama, Sita raises her Luva and Kusha with pride, until the twins decide to embark on a mission of finding their father. Will their quest for truth bear fruit? How will they reunite their parents?


Shivya Pathania, Himanshu Soni, Krish Chauhan, Harshit kabra


Sita's shocking goodbye!

S1E70 ∙ Mythology ∙ Kannada

Ram to banish Luva Kusha?

S1E69 ∙ Mythology ∙ Kannada

Luva Kusha motivate the women!

S1E68 ∙ Mythology ∙ Kannada

Luva Kusha's efforts fail!

S1E67 ∙ Mythology ∙ Kannada