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Laxmi Sadaiv Mangalam (Marathi)



U/A 13+

Treated like a slave by her own family, Laxmi knows no happiness until Malhar enters her life like a knight in shining armour and proposes marriage. But a cruel twist of fate makes Laxmi realise that her marriage is nothing but a sham! Complicating things further, Laxmi will soon be caught in the middle of a love triangle which is sure to leave her questioning everything she knows.


Omprakash Shinde, Surabhi Hande


Laxmi awaits her destiny

S1E1 ∙ Drama ∙ Marathi

Malhar proposes to Aarvi

S1E2 ∙ Drama ∙ Marathi

Aai requests Malhar to marry

S1E3 ∙ Drama ∙ Marathi

Laxmi comes to Aai's rescue

S1E4 ∙ Drama ∙ Marathi