Girija Kalyana



U/A 13+

Girija Kalyana is an epic period drama, which has been shot and executed on a grander scale than anything seen before on Kannada television. This story is about Girija who is a gift from the gods to a childless couple, Rudramma and Devaiah. Girija is an ardent Shiva devotee who wants to destroy the evil King Amaradeva's kingdom. While King Amaradeva is against Shiva worship, his own son Rajavardhana is great Shiva devotee. His son is the only one in the empire to defy Amaradeva's ban against Shiva worship. The romantic story of Girija and Rajavardhana's marriage is steeped in divinity and fight against evil forces.


Bharat Bhupanna, Mariyu Aishwarya


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