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Chikkejamani B.A B.L



U/A 13+

Set in the pre-independence era, in Bengal, Chikkejamani B.A. B.L is the tale of the child-bride, Bhoomika, who is married to the foreign returned Barrister, Aniruddha. The story traces Aniruddha’s fight against society, to educate Bhoomika and make her a Barrister. Will their imperfect marriage turn into a successful relationship? Will Aniruddha succeed in his mission to empower women?


Pravisht Mishra, Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni


Aniruddha reunites with Bhoomika

S1E241 ∙ Drama ∙ Kannada

Aniruddha to return to Tulsipur

S1E240 ∙ Drama ∙ Kannada

Bhoomika plans to escape

S1E239 ∙ Drama ∙ Kannada

Bhavith surprises Bhoomika

S1E238 ∙ Drama ∙ Kannada