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2 hr 2 min



U/A 7+

A known tale, the story begins with a small time crook (akhil) who believes in making money any which way possible but he would not resort to extreme measures. Habitual in nature, his life takes a turn when he comes across a beautiful girl (meera nandan) and though she thinks it is love, he is busy in flicking off her necklace. On the other hand, there is another beauty (shruti nair) who is also in love with the crook but both girls don't know his real nature. In no time, that is revealed and both realize that the man can never change himself. However, he gets another chance when the first girl comes back and wants to change him and just when he realizes that there is something more to life than just stealing, destiny has something else in store for him. How does he handle that forms the rest of the story.


Akhil, Meera Nandan