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1 hr 39 min




iva (Ramki) is an honest police officer who was brought up by the judge Sathyamoorthy (Vijayakumar) when his mother died. Sathyamoorthy has two sons : Aravind (S. N. Vasanth) and Raja (Raja Raveendar). The influential smuggler Mudaliar often clashes with Siva and Sathyamoorthy. Siva and the jolly college student Priya fall in love with each other, later they get married with Sathyamoorthy's blessing. One day, Raja (Raja Raveendar) rapes Mudaliar's daughter. The next day, Raja is found dead and Siva conducts the investigation. Ramesh admits to his father Sathyamoorthy that he killed his younger Raja. Sathyamoorthy decides to protect Ramesh at all costs while Siva wants to send Ramesh to jail. What transpires later forms the crux of the story.


Mohan Natarajan, Vijayakumar, Jayanthi, Pragathi, Ramki