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2 hr 16 min



U/A 13+

Mitti is a movie on Punjab's youth and their political arguments. It's a story about four guys who are best friends and their life changes after an incident takes place.Jeet Brar is a farmer and a local kisan leader represents the motivated and charged group of people, But on the other hand there is the Young blood of Punjab who is unaware about the danger their state is facing and these young people do not have any mission in their life, most of them want to become a singer or want to go to foreign, and some are behind to find the way how to make fast money and some of them are slaves to the corrupt politicians of the state, such type of young group of people represent the four central characters of the film namely Rabbi Sidhu, Gaazi Dhillon, Lalli Brar and Tunda


Kartar Cheema, Kashish Dhanoyaa, Yaad Garewal