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Maman Machan

1 hr 54 min



U/A 13+

Maman Machan is a comedy Tamil film directed by M.Jayarasu starring Abinitha, Jarasu, Amudhan, Vellai Pandi Devar, Pondamani Tawue, Ramesh Adithya, Arun, Monisha, Radhika in the lead roles.The story revolves around the elderly and young people of a particular village. Love marriages between the youngsters in the village are always opposed by the village headman (Nattamai). He refuses to permit love marriages in this village. The youngsters oppose him by teasing and make fun of him. However, there comes a day when the son of the village headman falls in love. The story follows whether the father agree to allow his son to marry the one he loves.


Arun, Amudhan, Abinitha