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Krishna Kavery

2 hr 17 min



U/A 13+

Krishna Kaveri- the name itself conveys the storyline of the movie. This movie depicts how the twin -sisters, Krishna and Kaveri are seperated after birth. Their relatives grow venomous. They along with some criminals separate these children. Krishna is always with her mother Laboni in their home and Kaveri happens to fall into the safe hands of Satabi and Abhishek. Satabdi is a milk-maid of a tomboyish nature and she is well-equipped with self confidence. Laboni's husband is killeded by his associates and suspense continues upto the end of the movie about how these two girls will again meet again and reunite with their bereaved mother Laboni. Laboni plays the role of a borrowed mother who faces misfortune from the villains and Satabadi and Abhishek venture along with Sree Lekha and Lokesh helps him to come back to life.


Abhisekh Chatterjee, Sreelekha Mitra, Satabdi Roy, Labony Sarkar, Subhendu Chatterjee, Lokesh Ghosh, Kousik, Bebiluna