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Kokhono Biday Bolo Na

2 hr 19 min



U/A 13+

Akash stays in North Bengal with his parents, sisters, grandfather and his brother in law. A rich man called Amit falls in love with Chutki at first sight. Amit's father goes to Chutki's house to fix their marriage. Akash comes to North Bengal as he studies in Kolkata. Just a few days before the marriage, Chutki fractures her leg so the marriage is postponed for a few days. Amit's grandmother also falls ill before the marriage date and she wants both her grandson and her granddaughter Anjali to get married on the same date. So the family members start to look out for a groom for Anjali. They get hold of someone but on the day of the marriage, the groom flees and marries someone else. In these circumstances Amit's father asks Akash to marry his daughter, but he refuses to do so and so his entire family goes against him.


Jishu Sengupta, Malabika, Biswanath, Rajatava