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Endrendrum Kadhal

2 hr 24 min



U/A 7+

Vijay is the managing director of a large shipping corporation. He lives in a joint family with his father (Nambiar), two brothers (Radharavi and Dhamu), their wives and children and a spinster sister (Bhanupriya). He goes to Switzerland to stipulate a contract with Nizhalgal Ravi and Raghuvaran. There he meets Rambha, Ravi's sister. The two fall in love. Ravi approves of Vijay but when he expresses the condition that Vijay should stay with them after the marriage because India is not good, he refuses his offer and returns home. But later Raghuvaran and Rambha travel to India to mend fences. Raghuvaran learns that Bhanupriya had been dumped by Ravi for a better life and Vijay is just waiting for an opportunity to kill the man who destroyed his sister's life. He devises ways of preventing Ravi from attending the marriage but later he tells Bhanupriya the truth. Vijay overhears this and is angered, but Raghuvaran solves all the problems by deciding to marry Bhanupriya. Bhanupriya agrees for this too, making everyone happy. Finally, Vijay, seeing his sister happy leaves Ravi alone. Eventually, Rambha and Vijay get married.


Raghuvaran, Rambha, Vijay, Bhanupriya, M. N. Nambiar