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El Espiritu de la Salsa

47 min



U/A 7+

New York, NY. Tomas Guerrero, one of the most celebrated dance teachers in Spanish Harlem, runs the Santo Rico Dance School, where he teaches average New Yorkers to perform salsa. He has eight weeks to prepare his students for a public performance. During the fast-paced first class, Guerrero reminds students that “Everything has to be precise”; as they file out at the end of the session, he encourages them to “Practice, people, practice!” El Espiritu de la Salsa profiles several of these students, following them in the weeks leading up to their performance debut. Each has decided to learn to salsa for different reasons, but by the end of their rehearsal period, they have all experienced firsthand the redemptive and restorative power of salsa dance.


Jessica Bennington, Rick Callahan, David Cutie, Luz Fontanez