Tumi Ele Taai

1 Seasons | 143 Episodes | Bengali | 13+

Babli, a headstrong and independent girl, lives life on her own terms. Her father, Rajpal Dutta, wants her to marry a boy of his choice, whom she rejects. She, in turn falls for a talented young footballer, Utsab. Her father, who incidentally owns a football team himself, lets Babli marry the love of her life. But in a horrible twist of fate, Babli realizes that Utsab has something else on his mind? Will Babli's love remain unrequited? Will Utsab ever be able to choose love over football?

StarringDiya Mukherjee,Prantik Banerjee,Anirban Guha,Sudip Mukherjee
DirectorSiddhartha Paul
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Season 1
  • Season 1