The Adventures of Pim & Pom Season 1 Episode 5

S1 E5 | 01 Jan 2009 | English | all

Pim and Pom are sitting by the window. Outside, in the snow, they see a stray cat rummaging in a garbage bin. They feel sorry for the cat, invite him in and offer him a big fish. He gobbles it up, but doesn’t want to stay. Outdoors is where real life happens, full of adventures. Pim and Pom want to have adventures too and follow him outside. But our two house cats don't much like life on the streets: when they join in with a bunch of strays who are yowling, Pim and Pom have a bucket of water thrown over them, they can't find anything nice to eat, and sleeping in the snow under an old newspaper is no fun either. They are house cats after all. Home sweet home!