Legend Of Snow White (Hindi) Season 1 Episode 8

S1 E8 | 01 Jan 1994 | Hindi | all

Jolly finds out, unbeknownst to him, that each one of the dwarfs wants to give Snow White a special gift. Gourmet has decided to bake her a cake, Vet is going to knit her a woolen jacket, Goldie has a pair of precious earrings, and Camomile has made a perfume from the scent of flowers…. So as not to be left out, Jolly gives Snow White a bunch of flowers. The girl finds them to be so enchanting, she asks him to take her to the place where he picked them. As Snow White and Jolly search for the field of flowers, they lose their way, but, luckily, the other dwarfs come looking for them and arrive just in time to stop them from falling off a precipice. Jolly then learns Snow White has lost the Brooch Richard had given her, but fortunately, Piki the squirrel is able to find it thanks to the magic flowers of hope, which fill hopeless hearts with strength and courage.