Kinnari Season 1 Episode 298

S1 E298 | 13 Oct 2016 | Kannada | 2016 | all

The story is a heart touching one. It revolves around Radha, who is a cancer patient. Her child is Mani, whom she is fond of. Radha is away from her husband and because of the illness she writes to her husband and requests him to take care of Mani. The rest of the story is about the unity of the family. The child artist with her extraordinary acting skills has become one among the families of the viewers. She is genuinely loved by the fans. The actors all have done justice to the roles they played.The beautiful story and the brilliant direction are added advantage to the success of the soap. This serial is a huge hit among the fans. The family values, the innocence of the children and their playful behavior are all very well captured in the serial