Fauji Season 1 Episode 7

S1 E7 | 18 Jan 1989 | Hindi | all

The first six episodes of this memorable series by Colonel R. K. Kapoor, start with the young officers, including Abhimanyu Rai (Shah Rukh Khan) arriving at the commando school. Abhi woos Dr Madhu with flowers while his brother Vikram, a senior training officer, befriends the General’s daughter, Kiran. The youngsters continue to play pranks amidst rigorous training. The concluding episodes deal with the metamorphosis of the young officers, plunged into the battleground. Despite minor injuries, the platoon headed by Abhi and Vikram triumph against all odds.​

StarringShah Rukh Khan,Rakesh Sharma,Vikram Chopra,Amina S. Kapoor,Manjula Avtar
DirectorLt. Col. Raj Kumar Kapoor