Bride of the Century Season 1 Episode 2

S1 E2 | 01 Jan 2018 | Hindi | 13+

Doo-rim accepts Yi-hyeon's offer and starts living in his house. She is trained to act perfectly like Yi-gyeong at the arranged meeting of the two families. On the meeting day, Doo-rim sees Bong-sook, the thief of her lodge money and starts chasing her down when she runs into Gang-joo. Gang-joo doesn't believe in love due to his traumatic first love experience and treats marriage like a business. Meanwhile, Roo-mi is engulfed in jealousy as she is in love with Gang-joo. She forms a scheme to rip the couple apart.

StarringLee Hong-gi,Yang Jin-sung,Sung Hyuk
DirectorYoon Sang Ho