Bride of the Century Season 1 Episode 12

S1 E12 | 01 Jan 2018 | Hindi | 13+

Gang-joo is deeply moved by Doo-rim's love and devotion and they decide to have a secret wedding. That night, the god appears in front of Doo-rim and asks her if she'd like to proceed with this marriage even if it means she dies. Surprisingly, the god is the girl Doo-rim saved from drowning. Doo-rim is scared but tells the god that she'd like to commit to the marriage. Yi-hyeon tries to stop her when he finds out about his stepmother and stepsister's evil plan but Doo-rim is determined. On the wedding day, they say their vows and exchange rings at a small church.

StarringLee Hong-gi,Yang Jin-sung,Sung Hyuk
DirectorYoon Sang Ho