Bride of the Century Season 1 Episode 15

S1 E15 | 01 Jan 2018 | Hindi | 13+

Doo-rim has given up on him and lies that she was deceiving him the whole time for money. He is filled with resentment. She is heartbroken about the situation but continues to care for Yi-hyeon every day. Meanwhile, Gang-joo finds out about Myeong-hee and Jae-ran's deal and Yi-hyeon's hospitalization. Yi-gyeong convinces Gang-joo that Yi-hyeon is very much in love with Doo-rim and Doo-rim would never leave Yi-hyeon but Gang-joo is too in love to give up. He refuses to attend the press conference regarding the official announcement of Yi-gyeong as the daughter-in-law of Tae-yang group. He is determined to take Doo-rim to Il-do and reveal everything but she hears that Yi-hyeon regained consciousness and she runs to him instead. Gang-joo watches her cry on Yi-hyeon and misunderstands the situation.

StarringLee Hong-gi,Yang Jin-sung,Sung Hyuk
DirectorYoon Sang Ho