Bride of the Century Season 1 Episode 16

S1 E16 | 01 Jan 2018 | Hindi | 13+

Yi-gyeong shows Gang-joo the video containing the truth about the car accident 30 years ago and threatens to reveal it. Gang-joo decides to give up on Doo-rim for the sake of his father. Gang-joo and Yi-gyeong visit Yi-hyeon at the hospital and pretend to be sweet lovers when they run into Doo-rim. On the day of the press conference which also happens to be the day of Yi-hyeon's discharge, Doo-rim returns the restaurant lease to Jae-ran and decides to head back down with her grandmother. Gang-joo makes an announcement that Doo-rim is the woman she loves, not Yi-gyeong.

StarringLee Hong-gi,Yang Jin-sung,Sung Hyuk
DirectorYoon Sang Ho