Yugabatar Lokenath

2 hr 38 min | Bengali | Drama | 1999 | all

Yugabatar Lokenath is a religious drama that is focussed on the life, death, miracles and tales of divinity of the, Baba Lokenath. The story is set in a village where the household priest of the rich Dutta family, tells the audience and the main characters, his girl Ishwari and our lead Shyam, about the life and miracles of Baba Lokenath. How he was naughty when young, his arduous journey into the Himalayas for meditation, his tours to Mecca and Medina for knowledge, his miracles that made people believe the works of the Lord and his simple teachings of love, peace, harmony and humanity. The movie has themes of social stigma and society as a whole that functions on lust and greed and misunderstandings, all issues that have been addressed thusly in the movie. The movie ends on a happy note, where all faults and mistakes are forgiven, the graces of Baba Lokenath saves all from harm, and all good things end the day.

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