1 hr 53 min | Hindi | Social | 1988 | all

The film is set in a Central Asian desert in the 1st Century B.C. A sandstorm strikes the Buddhist town of Sariput, leaving just four survivors – two monks and two children – in the upper floor of a monastery. Twenty years later the old monk is 70, the younger one is 50, and the kids have grown up. The flame of desire is first sparked off when the younger monk sees the girl bathing. The conflict builds up with the boy and girl falling in love, and the monk being consumed with jealousy. He manipulates the boy into becoming a monk. But the girl persists in winning back her love and as a result the two lovers are turned out of the monastery. By the time the younger monk repents and sets out to search for the young couple, another sandstorm sweeps in, wiping out all traces of life.

StarringNana Patekar,Nitish Bharadwaj,Alok Nath,Pallavi Joshi
DirectorNabendu Ghosh

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