Shreemaan Aashique

2 hr 32 min | Hindi | Comedy | 1993 | 13+

Professor Vishwa Mitra (Anupam Kher) has made an organisation that persuades men not to marry because a woman makes the life of a man hell. Durshan Kumar (Rishi Kapoor) is also a member of that organisation. Durshan's parents (Tiku Talsania & Reema Lagoo) are very upset because of Durshan's views about women. Once, Durshan has to go to Manali, a hill-station, for business purpose. Vishwa Mitra gives him a lecture to keep away from girls because at a hill-station, there is a greater chance of falling in love. So, Durshan goes to Manali with all the advice in his mind. But, there he falls in love with Shakoo (Urmila) despite all the care. Urmile also falls in love with Durshan. Durshan returns to Bombay (his home town) promising Shakoo that he will come again and marry with her. Now Shakoo's father (Dinesh Hingoo) has a friendship with Vishwa Mitra. Before Durshan goes to Manali, he comes to Bombay alongwith his daughter, Shakoo. He says to Vishwa Mitra that he has to go somewhere and he cannot keep his daughter alone in Manali. For some days, Shakoo will live with him. Firstly, Vishwa Mitra opposes but finally he agrees to keep Shakoo for some days with him. Now he also falls in love with Shakoo and forgets all his views about women. He breaks his organisation. He tries to convince Shakoo that he loves her. On the other hand, when Durshan and Shakoo come to know that they are both in Bombay, they become very happy. Vishwa tells Durshan about his love. Firstly Durshan becomes very happy but when he knows that Vishwa's beloved is Shakoo, he opposes him and advises him that he is an aged man and Shakoo is a young girl. He should not think about Shakoo on that lines. Finally Vishwa agrees after a long drama played by Durshan and marries with his old beloved (Bindu). Durshan and Shakoo also get married with each other.

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