2 hr 52 min | Hindi | Romance | 1991 | all

Childhood friends Veeru Singh (Dilip Kumar) and Rajeshwar Singh (Raj Kumar) become bitter foes after Chuniya (Amrish Puri) creates misunderstandings between them. The rivalry spirals to such an extent that the two estranged friends mark their territories and swear to kill anyone who even dares to think about crossing them. In the midst of all this, their grandchildren Vasu (Vivek Mushran) and Radha (Monisha Koirala) fall in love with each other and even meet secretly. And when their love becomes public, old wounds, humiliations and accusations are rekindled. Consequently, they are asked to stay away from each other or face death. What happens to Vasu and Radha? Will their love bring the two friends closer?

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