Pyar Ka Mandir

2 hr 30 min | Hindi | Drama | 1988 | 18+

Laxmi Kumar (Nirupa Roy), a widowed school teacher, lives with her three sons, Sanjay, Vijay and Ajay, and daughter, Meena in their family home they call "House of Love". The talented Vijay secretly does manual labor to augment his mom's income, so that his brothers can study IAS and law respectively. Meena is to be married to a young man named Satish, and Laxmi goes to withdraw her chit fund from Gopal Khaitan, only to find out that he has duped her. The devastated family gather to confront this, only to have their mom lose her teaching job. Vijay swears to apprehend Gopal, a confrontation ensues, and Gopal is killed. In this way Vijay gets the money so that Meena's wedding takes place, while his brothers continue to study. Vijay is arrested, found guilty and sentenced to seven years in prison. After his discharge, Vijay returns home to find that their family home has been sold. Ajay, who is now the collector, has married Sapna, a very wealthy woman. They have a daughter, Geeta, and are living in a government bungalow; Sanjay is now a lawyer and is living in a palatial home. Both brothers reject Vijay and have nothing to do with him. Devastated he starts driving an auto-rickshaw for a living, hoping that he meets with his mother, who, as he has been told by his brothers, is away on a religious pilgrimage. Vijay does meet his mom, who is working as a common laborer at a construction site, and confronts his brothers. The truth will be revealed as to why Vijay confessed to killing Gopal.

Music byLaxmikant-Pyarelal
StarringMithun Chakraborty,Madhavi,Raj Kiran,Shoma Anand,Kader Khan,Aruna Irani
DirectorK. Bapaiah
GenreDrama, Family

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