Olave Mandhara

2 hr 27 min | Kannada | Drama | 2011 | all

Srikanth (Srikanth),a son of a rich industrialist (Nassar),meets Preeti (Aakanksha Mansukhani),an Assamese girl,in a dance competition in Coimbatore,and falls in love with her.His initial intentions were to only steal a few kisses from her.Bound by guilt,he sets off on foot to Assam to meet her as promised.On his journey,he faces the realities of life as he meets various characters and witnessing incidents such as a farmer couple sharing their lunch with a 'kind' thief (Sadhu Kokila),and a cobbler (Rangayana Raghu),taking his disabled wife (Veena Sundar) on a pilgrimage to Kashi on a bullock-cart.Srikanth is moved on witnessing these.As he reaches Ranigaon,Preeti's residing village in Assam,he finds her married to another man.

Music byDeva
StarringRangayana Raghu,Sadhu Kokila,Sharan,Srikanth

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