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2 hr 23 min | Malayalam | Drama | 1990 | all

Venugopal (Mammootty), a rich young businessman still considers Shivan as his mentor, who had helped him in his early days in Mumbai. At the time of his death, Shivan has asked Venu to take care of his younger brother Rajashekharan (Suresh Gopi), which Venu obeyed wholeheartedly. Rajan was appointed as his manager and is treated more like his brother. On a visit to Rajan's house along with him, Venu meets Devi (Rupini). Venu expresses Rajan's sister about his wish to marry Devi but changes his mind after realizing that she is already engaged to Rajan. Venu wholeheartedly gets Rajan married to Devi. Rajan, in thirst to earn quick money, gets into bad company and severs ties with Venu. He becomes suspicious of his wife having an illicit relation with Venu. Slowly turning into too much of drinking and gambling, Rajan falls into huge debts and to make things worse, he also becomes a part of smuggling. Venu's efforts to save Rajan from his problems and bringing him back to normal life is the rest of the story.