Door Bell

1 hr 37 min | Hindi | Drama | 2017 | 18+

Raghav, a writer, heads to his bungalow in Lonavala with his fiancee Tanish in order to complete his script. However, due to certain reasons, Tanisha has to return to Mumbai for a couple of hours. In the meantime, two very attractive girls Pinky and Sinky arrive at Raghav's bungalow, asking for help due to heavy rains. What awaits Raghav is a night of passion, however, the two women torture him in a psychotic manner. Why are they torturing Raghav? Who are Pinky and Sinky? What happens to Raghav and his relationship with Tanisha?

Music byMahesh-Rakesh
StarringNishant Kumar,Nataliya Adira,Tanisha Singh,Shubhra Ghosh
DirectorMukesh Narayan Agrawal

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