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2 hr 1 min | Bengali | Drama | 2000 | all

Dekha is the cinematic expression of the weird penumbra of our educated and civilised society. The seen and the unseen worlds of our protagonist Shashibushan are inextricably intertwined into a mixed metaphor of modern allegories. A scion of the fading aristocracy, Shashibhushan lost his eyesight almost 17 years ago. He lives through his past memories of images, sounds, smells and touch, in his crumbling ancestral mansion in the heart of the town. His teacher's daughter Sarama's past includes Shasibhushan too. Another man enters the orbit of their lives during a vacation in the country. Gagan was born blind, never having seen the universe. Shashibhushan's memories include those of his estranged wife and daughter, and the turbulent times through which he has lived. Gagan's perceptions of his unseen world. Sarama's fragment reality coalesce into a symphony. This is Dekha.

Music by

Abhijeet Bose


Soumitra Chatterjee,Debashree Roy,Indrani Halder,Rupa Ganguly


Goutam Ghose



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