1 hr 42 min | Hindi | Social | 1985 | all

Raghubir and Sita, a rural couple driven to desperation by poverty, arrive at the house of Sita’s elder brother Ganesh in another village. Raghubir notices that the entire village is agog with the news of the arrival of a child-God who will bless all those who will pay it obeisance and seek favours – all, naturally, for a small entrance fee. Raghubir eagerly joins the winding queue of needy impoverished villagers looking for miracles to solve their problems. The custodians of this child-God are Hanuman and Prasad, the magician duo who had visited the village earlier and convinced him to part with a freak child born to his wife, for a small compensation. Raghubir quickly realizes that the child- God, with three heads and four arms, is none other than that freak child. Religion and blind faith now take a back seat as Raghubir stakes a desperate claim to have a share in the racket.

StarringSmita Patil,Sadhu Meher,Rohini Hattangadi,Om Puri
DirectorUtpalendu Chakraborty

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