Chitti Tammudu

1 hr 57 min | Telugu | Drama | 1962 | all

The story is about the problems faced by children in orphanages, irregularities by the management and the related consequences. Ramu (Jaggayya) and Subhadra (Devika) love one other. Ramu urgently leaves to Kashmir, and returns home to find that his beloved Subhadra is pregnant, and that her father had died of that insult. She delivers a boy in a mission hospital and dies. The boy is admitted to an orphanage and named Chiranjeevi. Hostel warden Tayaramma (Suryakantam) feeds the orphans with insufficient food and they are starving. Ramu has an elder sister Seetha (Sandhya) and younger brother Srihari (Kanta Rao). Seetha is wife of a lawyer (Ramana Reddy). Ramu dies of chronic cough and mental agony, leaving the property in charge of his brother-in-law.

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