As The River Flows

1 hr 36 min | Hindi | Thriller | 2011 | all

Sridhar Ranjan, a social activist, is missing in action in Majuli – the largest inhabited river island in the world. Seven years later, Sridhar is about to be officially declared dead when his friend, Abhijit Shandilya, a journalist, goes from Mumbai to Majuli in search of him. In Majuli, Abhijit finds himself to be a stranger of sorts in a place that is infested with terrorists and where both the police and the terrorists seem to be suspicious of him. His only hope is the beautiful local guide, Sudakshina. But like the unpredictable river Brahmaputra, her existence has unseen undercurrents. Will Abhijit be able to solve the mystery? Is he walking down the same path as his friend, Sridhar Ranjan? Does a similar fate await him as the river flows?

Written byBidyut Kotoky
StarringSanjay Suri,Victor Benerjee,Raj Zutshi,Nakul Baid,Naveed Aslam,Bidita Bag
DirectorBidyut Kotoky

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