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2 hr 13 min | Malayalam | Drama | 1995 | all

Directed by Sibi Malayil 'Akashadoothu' is one of the most heart-touching movies of Malayalam cinema. The story revolves around Johnny (Murali) and Annie (Madhavi) who grew up together in an orphanage and got married. Johnny and Annie's have four children - the eldest is a girl named Meenu (Seena Antony), two sons Rony and Tony, and the youngest is Monu (Ben Kadavil Alexander), a toddler. The family's life turns upside down when Johnny dies in an accident and Annie discovers she is suffering from Leukemia disease and has few days to live. Annie gets worried for the future of her children as she does not want her kids to be raised in an orphanage. All distraught, Annie sets out to make arrangements for the adoption of her kids. Will Annie be able to find out parents who will take care of her kids like their own?

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Sibi Malayil



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