Akbar The Great



U/A 7+

Directed by Akbar Khan, Akbar The Great narrates the magnificent and moving story of Jalaluddin Mohammed. The show vividly re-captures one of the most dazzling and outstanding accounts of chivalry valor and statesmanship in the history of the world.


Akbar Khan, Shikha Rai, Vikrant Chaturvedi, Puja Ghai, Shahid Khan,


Jodha-Akbar are devastated

S1E57 ∙ Historical ∙ Hindi

Akbar punishes Adham Khan

S1E55 ∙ Historical ∙ Hindi

Adham Khan murders Shamsuddin Khan!

S1E54 ∙ Historical ∙ Hindi

Will Akbar save Rani Roopmati?

S1E53 ∙ Historical ∙ Hindi