Zindagi Jalebi

1 hr 52 min | Hindi | Comedy | 2013 | all

Zindgi Jalebi is a comedy based on idle minds is devils' workshop. It also symbolises an innate need and tendency of every human to do a heroic deed and a desire to be remembered for it for times to come. If their ordinary lives and circumstances do not have a place for a heroic deed, then how they want to manipulate and create one. The comedy is that those who set out for the task end up creating a hero out of somebody else and somehow come out of the series of events unscathed[3]. Zindagi jalebi is a story where everyone's life is jumbling up in a mess and then how they come out of this mess

Written byKaran Kashyap
StarringAvinash Bhargava,Samarth Chaturvedi,Suresh Dubey
DirectorKaran Kashyap
Available for download yes

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