2 hr 36 min | Kannada | Action | 2002 | all

The Affluent And Respected Jamindaarru Family In The Village Is Split Because Of A Family Quarrel. The Head Of The Family Srinivasamurthy, Does Not Disclose To His Two Wives Who Their Real Sons Are. He Maintains This Secret For Good Reasons Right From The Birth Of His Two Sons Bettappa And Biligiri. But His First Wife Is Hell Bent On Knowing The Identity Of Her Son. This Ends In One Of The Two Wives Of Jamindaarru Losing Her Life. On The Day Of The Final Rites, Bettappa Runs Away From The Scene And Wants To Avenge His Father For This Death. He Also Promises Not To Shave His Head Till He Finds Out As To Who Is Real Mother Was. Bettappa Lives Separately With His Confidant Sunderraj And His Family.

Music byM.M.Keeravani
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