Vanna Thamizh Pattu

2 hr 17 min | Tamil | Drama | 2000 | all

Bhuvana is back to her village after dropping out.Her father Muthumanikkam,the village's Zamindar,is amazed when he listened the song of Bhoopathy and he hires Bhoopathy as a servant and singer in his house. In the past, Bhoopathy and Bhuvana fall in love with each other. Bhoopathy is the son of the Zamindar Ratnavel . Bhoopathy got married with Bhuvana without Muthumanickam's knowledge. Ratnavel Raja ordered them to first sought the blessings of Muthumanikkam and then he will bless them.

Music byS.A.Rajkumar
StarringPrabhu Ganesan,Vaijayanthi,Manichandhana,Radha Ravi,Anand Raj,Vadivelu
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