Vadina Gari Gajulu

1 hr 47 min | Telugu | Drama | 1992 | all

Anand, a happy-go-lucky guy who believes in living life to the fullest. Latha (Suhasi) keeps rejecting all the marriage proposals as she believes that shes yet to meet man of her dreams. One day he bumps into Latha and immediately falls in love with her. Lathas aunt pesters her to not reject the marriage proposals. Anand keeps following Latha everywhere and finally even Latha believes that maybe Anand is the guy she has been waiting all her life. Did they fall in love? Is Anand really the guy for whom Latha has been waiting all her life? What is true love? Can love sustain all by itself, despite several problems? This forms the rest of the story.

Music byChakravarthy
StarringSarath Babu,Vani Viswanath
DirectorP V Rajaram
Available for download no

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