Undamma Bottu Pedatha

2 hr 27 min | Telugu | Drama | 1968 | all

AVS, in a local college and his friendship with a gang of four noisy students. A godfather to these guys, AVS (who is fondly called uncle by the boys) guides them through the thick and thin of life. He is never too big to play pranks on others to make them happy. Interestingly, he succeeds each time. Apart from playing pranks, he guides them in their love affairs, too.One of his boys, Tarun, falls in love with Pallavi at first sight. Unfortunately, his first ragging encounter with her ends in a rude shock to her, and so do the next couple of encounters. She gets disgusted with him and her disgust turns into hatred.But there is 'Uncle' to give ideas, and so, proceeding with his advice, Tarun manages to woo her and they become lovers. Till here the film goes smoothly and everyone is happy that all has gone well for the young lovers.

Music byK.V.Mahadevan
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